Home Lactation Visit                                              $200

Includes the following

1. traveling to your home

2. observing a breastfeeding session

3. pre and post weight to determine amount of breastmilk infant received at the breast during our session

4. time and sleep management techniques

5. help with positioning and latch

6. help with other concerns such as back to work, pumping, storage, sore nipples, etc.  

7.  written consult sent to you and pediatrician

8.  one follow up phone call

9. Superbill provided to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement


Second Night Help(approx 9pm-6am)                        $600

The 2nd or 3rd night after the baby is born is typically a really hard night.  Between the sleep-less nights before labor, labor and delivery and then the adrenaline of meeting your new baby and entertaining visitors, you are exhausted.   This tends to coincide with the baby getting hungrier and wanting to "bring your milk in" all night long!  

 It is essential to have good breastfeeding support throughout this night.  I can help you get some rest and feed your baby at the same time, while watching for your infant's safety.  Unfortunately you're not guaranteed great breastfeeding support in the hospital; and the nurses definitely don't have the time to sit and watch you rest while you feed your baby; so having your own support can be key!

This is also a big help for your partner. He/she has been worried about you and they need some sleep as well before the big discharge day.  

PostPartum Doula/Private Duty Nursing-  $65/hr(min of 4hrs)

1. Breastfeeding help

2. assisting mother to rest

3. help with dishes/laundry

4. newborn care